About Us
The Thermodynamics Research Unit is located in the School of Engineering at the University of KwaZulu Natal (on the Howard College Campus). This research group has some 30 years of expertise in the equipment design of apparatus for phase equilibria measurements. As a result of the years of modifications and improvement over similar types of equipment, the experimental knowledge gained in this field of equipment development has earned this group a reputation in the thermodynamics field.
The theoretical developments in terms of modeling of phase behaviour of binary systems have also remained one of the focal points within this group. Thermodynamics has been a key driver behind the growth of distillation studies, process modeling, etc. which critically depends on accurate description of thermodynamic properties and phase behaviour.

This research group is both nationally and internationally recognised with regard to research output and research facilities. The Unit is established in the area of phase equilibria measurements. Within the Unit, other joint collaborations exist with international researchers in the areas of model development and property estimation methods, molecular simulations, plasma technology and gas hydrate technology. Much of the research carried out is industry linked – Our sponsors/funders include the following companies: Pelchem, Nuclear Energy Corporation of South Africa (NECSA), SASOL, ESKOM, Illovo, SMRI, amongst other engineering and major petrochemical refineries.

The Thermodynamics Research Unit is also home to the NRF/DST South African Research Chair: Fluorine Process Engineering and Separation Technology. The Chair also covers research in reactor technology and organic synthesis and supports governments Fluorochemical Expansion Initiative (FEI).