TRU laboratories
The Thermodynamic Research Unit laboratories are well-equipped with an extensive range of equipment for the measurement of thermodynamic properties and phase behaviour studies. These cover the measurement of phase equilibrium data such as Vapour-liquid (VLE), Liquid-liquid (LLE) and Vapour liquid-liquid equilibria (VLLE), solid liquid equilibria (SLE). The conditions of measurements range from high- low temperatures and pressures.

There are several apparati present, all designed, constructed and commissioned by the Thermodynamics Research Unit. The VLE stainless steel apparatus, used for the measurement of phase equilibria, have online GC sampling analysis. The ebulliometer consists of a series of smaller sized recirculating glass cells for the measurements of infinite dilution activity coefficients; which can also be measured using other existing set-ups in the laboratories being, the inert gas stripping apparatus and the Gas-Liquid Chromatography set-up.

Postgraduate research and contract projects are carried out for many local industrial companies, e.g. , Sasol, Illovo, NECSA, etc. Undergraduates undertake laboratory projects in their final year of studies. The Unit offers vacation work to promising and potential postgraduate students. The Unit also employs research assistants for undertaking data measurements for contract and research projects.

The Thermodynamics Research Unit employs full-time workshop mechanical and laboratory technicians to assist in the operation and maintenance of the laboratories, and for the construction and design of new equipment.

The laboratories are located in the Chemical Engineering Building, at Howard College at UKZN on the Ground floor- main building Lab 08A/B & 3rd and 4th floor of the new building extension.